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Rule Responder - Rule-based Semantic Agent Architecture

Rule Responder is a rule-based semantic agent architecture developed in collaboration with RuleML. It is based based on RuleML as interchange language, the Prova rule engine for the semantic agent logic and Enterprise Service Bus technology for distributed semantic agents / inference services. In the Corporate Semantic Web project we have adapted it to various application domains such as Semantic Business Process Managment (SBPM), Semantic eScience and Semantic Scientific Workflows, Semantic Complex Event Processing (SCEP), personalized Question-Answering Systems, Semantic Web Reputation and Trust Management and the Pragmatic Web.

Journal Article about Rule Responder' implementation and semantics with the Prova rule engine
Initial Rule Responder Paper - Pragmatic Agent Web
Handbook Chapter about Rule Responder
Book Chapter about Rule Responder Agents
Survey Article about Rule-based Agents

Rule Responder 3 SVN Download
Rule Responder 3 Installation Guide


Semantic Business Process Management

(read more about Semantic Business Process Management and learn more from the SBPM lectures and the BPM EduNet...)

Semantic eScience and Scientific Workflows

  • Adrian Paschke and Harold Boley. Rule responder: Rule-based agents for the semantic-pragmatic web. International Journal on Artificial Intelligence Tools, 20(6):1043-1081, 2011. (pdf)
  • Zhili Zhao, Adrian Paschke: Rule Agent-Oriented Scientific Workflow Execution. S-BPM ONE 2013: 109-122
  • Zhili Zhao, Adrian Paschke: Event-Driven Scientific Workflow Execution. Business Process Management Workshops 2012: 390-401
  • Adrian Paschke, Zhili Zhao: The Rule Responder eScience Infrastructure. CoRR abs/1012.1651, Aug. 2010. (pdf)
  • Zhili Zhao, Adrian Paschke: A semantic multi-agent system for intelligent and adaptive scientific workflows. SWAT4LS 2011: 123-124 (pdf)
  • Cheung, Kei-Hoi, Frost, H. Robert, Marshall, M. Scott, Prud'hommeaux, Eric, Samwald, Matthias, Zhao, Jun, Paschke, Adrian: A journey to semantic web query federation in the life sciences. BMC Bioinformatics, Vol. 10, No. Suppl 10. (2009). (pdf)
  • Paschke, A. 2008. Rule responder HCLS eScience infrastructure. In Proceedings of the 3rd international Conference on the Pragmatic Web: innovating the interactive Society (Uppsala, Sweden, November 28 - 30, 2008). P. J. Ågerfalk, H. Delugach, and M. Lind, Eds. ICPW '08, vol. 363. ACM, New York, NY, 59-67. DOI= http://dl.acm.org/citation.cfm?doid=1479190.1479199 (pdf)
(read more about Semantic eScience Infrastructure and Semantic Scientific Workflows...)

Semantic Complex Event Processing

Semantic Data Integration, Semantic Collaboration, Personalized Views and Question-Answering

(read more in the Corporate Semantic Web technical reports and learn more from the Corporate Semantic Web lectures...)

Semantic Web Reputation and Trust Management

Pragmatic (Agent) Web

2012-12-15 10:33

Abschlussveranstaltung des Corporate Semantic Web Projekts

5 Jahre Corporate Semantic Web Abschlussveranstaltung am 16.1.2013

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2012-12-07 18:20

CSW active in OMG API4KB Standardization

API4KB is an initiative within OMG that aims at defining a standard programming interface for knowledge bases

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This work has been partially supported by the  InnoProfile-Corporate Semantic Web project funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and the BMBF Innovation Initiative for the New German Länder - Entrepreneurial Regions.
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