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November 2012

SSN2012: Semantic Processing of Sensor Event Stream by Using External Knowledge Bases

2012-11-12 20:39

Kia Teymourian, Adrian Paschle. Semantic Processing of Sensor Event Stream by Using External Knowledge Bases. 5th International Workshop on Semantic Sensor Networks. Boston, Massachusetts USA, November 2012. 

Usage of domain background knowledge about sensor data can improve the expressiveness and flexibility of event processing in sensor network applications. Huge amount of domain background knowledge stored in external knowledge bases can be processed in combination with sensor data stream in order to achieve more knowledgeable event processing. In this paper, we discuss the benefits of background knowledge for event processing and describe a simple classification of event query rules.

Presentation video on Videolectures: 

ISWC: Semantic Enrichment by Non-Experts: Usability of Manual Annotation Tools

2012-11-06 14:27

Annika Hinze, Ralf Heese, Markus Luczak-Rösch, and Adrian Paschke publish "Semantic Enrichment by Non-Experts: Usability of Manual Annotation Tools" at the International Semantic Web Conference.

Abstract: Most of the semantic content available has been generated automatically by using annotation services for existing content. Automatic annotation is not of sufficient quality to enable focused search and retrieval: either too many or too few terms are semantically annotated. User-defined semantic enrichment allows for a more targeted approach.We developed a tool for semantic annotation of digital documents and conducted an end-user study to evaluate its acceptance by and usability for non-expert users. This paper presents the results of this user study and discusses the lessons learned about both the semantic enrichment process and our methodology of exposing non-experts to semantic enrichment.

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