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October 2010

Vortrag "Corporate Semantic Web - The Semantic Web Meets the Enterprise" auf dem 3rd International SOA Symposium

2010-10-05 10:00

“Corporate Semantic Web - The Semantic Web Meets the Enterprise”

Ralph Schäfermeier



Nowadays, companies seek more capable approaches for gaining, managing, and utilizing knowledge as well as for automating dynamic services and agile business processes. The Semantic Web offers promising solutions here. The Corporate Semantic Web idea aims at bringing semantic technologies to enterprises. Want to understand how the Semantic Web applies to the enterprise arena? This talk gives some new insight into this application of Semantic Technologies with a special focus on SOA related subjects.

  1. Corporate Semantic Web - An Intelligent Semantic Enterprise

    Corporate Semantic Web (CSW) deals with the application of Semantic Web technologies (in particular rules and ontologies) within enterprise settings. It addresses the technological aspects of engineering and managing semantic enabled IT infrastructures, such as a SOA, to support (collaborative) workflows, communication, knowledge management, and (business) process management in enterprises. But, it also addresses the pragmatic aspect of actually using Semantic Web technologies in enterprises. This includes learning and training aspects as well as economical considerations - i.e. corporate in the sense of entrepreneurial activities. Decision makers on the operation, tactical and strategic IT management level need to understand the impact of this new technological approach, its adoption costs, and its return on investment.

  2. Semantic BPM - Semantic Business Processes in an Internet of Services

    Semantic Web Services enable semantic annotation of Web Services and declaratively specifying a service's behaviors, policies and service level agreements allowing dynamic service discovery, consumption, and interoperability. However, services are only the technical, executable manifestation of a company's business process model, and companies seek means for integrating interoperability aspects in their higher-level process models. I present an approach for enhancing high-level BPMN process models with semantic descriptions of data objects and rule-based interoperability constraints enabling the modeling of cross-organizational data flow with heterogeneous domain conceptualization using BPMN.

  3. Semantic Complex Event Processing (SCEP) - The Future of Dynamic IT

    Complex Event Processing (CEP) is an emerging enabling technology to detect relevant complex events, which require reactions, in large event clouds or event streams in almost real-time. Applications of CEP technologies arise in manifold domains such as Finance/Banking, Logistics, Automotive, Telco, Life science and the scenarios range from, e.g., fraud detection, supply chain event monitoring, business activity monitoring and IT service management to adaptive or self-autonomous reactive systems e.g. in Life Science capable of handling e.g. pandemia situations. I present Semantic CEP (SCEP), which is the combination of CEP and semantic technologies, such as rules and ontologies. This novel combination allows CEP (rule) engines to semantically understand what is happening in terms of events and to decide which (re)actions need to be taken. SCEP exploits the declarative expressive power of semantic rules and ontologies as a means to specify knowledge, such as business rules and business vocabularies, in a way that is understood by 'the business' and combines this with the real-time processing capabilities of the CEP technologies.


3rd International SOA Symposium / 2nd International Cloud Symposium

The 3rd International SOA Symposium and the 2nd International Cloud Symposium continue to be the largest and most comprehensive SOA and Cloud Computing events of the year. These events are dedicated to showcasing the world's leading SOA and Cloud Computing experts. Themes and topics are as follows:
Modern Service Technologies & Practices

•   Service Architecture & Service Engineering
•   Service Governance & Scalability

•   SOA Case Studies & Strategic Planning

•   REST Service Design & RESTful SOA

•   Service Security & Policies

•   Semantic Services & Patterns

•   Service Modeling & BPM
Your Business & Infrastructure Into the Cloud

•   The Latest Cloud Technology Innovation
•   Building and Working with Cloud-Based Services
•   Cloud Computing Business Strategies
•   Case Studies & Business Models
•   Understanding SOA & Cloud Computing
•   Cloud-based Infrastructure & Products

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This work has been partially supported by the  InnoProfile-Corporate Semantic Web project funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and the BMBF Innovation Initiative for the New German Länder - Entrepreneurial Regions.
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