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January 2011

9th Berlin Semantic Web Meetup - Semantic Video and Television

2011-01-22 01:00

When?   Monday, 7 February 2011, 5:00 PM

Where?   Zuse Institute Berlin
Takustrasse 7
14195 Berlin


As the closing event of a NoTube (http://www.notube.tv) day with a colloquium at the Freie Universität Berlin we will organize a BSWM focused on Semantic Video and Television.

The detailed agenda will be announced soon. By now we are awaiting talks by people from the No Tube project and the Berlin based start-up Clickfilm.

The talks will start at 17:00 and in the following we will have the regular open space for discussions with drinks and snacks.

Please visit the Berlin Semantic Web Meetup site at Meetup.com for more information.

8th Berlin Semantic Web Meetup - KiWi Project Roadshow

2011-01-03 08:25

When?   Friday, 21 January 2011, 5:00 PM

Where?   Berlinsaal der Zentral- und Landesbibliothek Berlin
Breite Str. 36
10178 Berlin


The KiWi EU project (http://www.kiwi-project.eu) is performing a roadshow for companies and developers to inform about the results of the project and to attract people to join an open source community around KiWi. Berlin is the next part of this track from Vienna to London.

Thus, our Meetup will focus on corporate (semantic) wiki systems.


17:00 - Opening: Meetup Organizers
17:10 - Sebastian Schaffert (Salzburg Research): KiWi - A platform for building Semantic Social Media Applications
17:30 - Peter Reiser (Oracle): Enterprise 2. 0 Use Cases for Semantic Web / Kiwi
17:50 - T. Schandl (SWC): Thesaurus Managment mit PoolParty als Erweiterung zu KiWi
18:10 - John Pereira (Salzburg Research): KiWi Open Source Community - how to join & KiWi snow camp Feb 2011
18:30 - Lightning Talks
18:40 - Networking & Snacks

For abstracts and location info, visit the Semantic Web Meetup site at meetup.com.

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This work has been partially supported by the  InnoProfile-Corporate Semantic Web project funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and the BMBF Innovation Initiative for the New German Länder - Entrepreneurial Regions.
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